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Before you use the system, please read all the terms carefully.

Important Information about this Legal Contract:

1.1 Agreement is a contract between a user and MCA.

1.2 By using this product you confirm that you have read all terms and conditions presented to you before using the system.

1.3 The Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy can be amended after a 14 days notice posted on the web site.

Information about the MCA Product and other Important Issues:

2.1 All MCA products are in the English language only.

2.2 The user is over 18 years of age and agrees to supervise any minors' use of the MCA product. Or a user is of High School age and is being supervised by his or her parent.

2.3 User agrees not to forward any passwords or allow any unauthorized use of the MCA Product. User acknowledges that unauthorized use could result in severe damage to My College Advisor LLC.

2.4 The user agrees not to copy materials on the site, not to reverse engineer or not to break into the site, and not to use the website materials, products or services for illegal purposes.

2.5 Use of MCA products does not in anyway guarantee acceptance to any college, university or institute of higher learning. Nor does use of this product guarantee financial aid.

2.6 The user agrees that under no circumstances will the user take legal action nor seek any damages from MCA as a result of using this product. This applies to damages of all kinds regarding use of the site, errors on the site, viruses on the site or products, failure of the site to operate, third party links, and any product or service provided under this agreement.

Privacy Policy

3.1 MCA takes full responsibility for protecting users' personal information. Our company does not sell and does not give any private information to third parties. The only reason for using client's information is connected with the trouble-shooting process, client communication and the log-in process.

Terms of Service

4.1 MCA reserves the right to refuse usage of the service to anyone without any additional explanation. We may temporarily or permanently terminate the service without any notice. Or we may institute a paid service for any and all parts of the site and MCA products.

Delivery of MCA Product:

5.1 User will receive instant access to all of our features after successful confirmation of the email received from MCA. It is the user's responsibility to enter their correct e-mail on the order page, as this will be the basis of all communication and updates from MCA.

Solving Problems/Contact Information:

6.1 MCA will be happy to assist you with any issues you might be having with its products. Please contactsupport@mycollegeadvisor.com.

Thank you for using the My College Advisor Product!

My College Advisor LLC

Find Colleges Create short lists Track applications

Search for colleges that match your needs and achievements. MyCollegeAdvisor has the only US patented selection system.

Use multiple search lists and our guidebook to research a variety of colleges and universities.

Work with our Progress Tracker for your applications, financial aid forms, school replies, and much more.

MCA provides families with a full college guidebook, financial aid estimator, and a U.S. patented college selection system. The free MCA program is personalized to your individual criteria, complete with cost estimates specific to your needs.

Major features:

  • U.S. patented college selection system - not a random search - complete with school recommendations.
  • Detailed information on the application process - deadlines, tests, essays, recommendations, interviews, and much more.
  • Estimated financial aid for each school. Know your costs before you apply.
  • A complete online guidebook of colleges and universities.
  • And many more online tools.

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